Collaboration between the SMU School of Information Systems and Taipy.

This week, five master’s students from SMU (Singapore Management University) started their capstone projects with Taipy.

We would like to thank Prof. Ta Nguyen Binh Duong for this collaboration between the SMU School of Information Systems and Taipy. These Machine Learning projects will extend the capabilities of Taipy by providing NLP interfaces to query data frames and map the results into Taipy graphics. The students will:

  • design and build Deep Learning models, 
  • Create the Training and Scoring pipelines (using Taipy Core) and
  • Connect them with Taipy’s powerful graphical interface.

These innovative projects are developed using Python Open source eco-system: @Pandas, @Taipy, @Tensorflow, and @Keras. @NVidia’s GPUs will be used for the training phase of the Deep Learning models.

Besides improving their experience with Machine Learning techniques and NLP, the students will also contribute to the field of Generative AI since the projects are nothing short of a Chat-GPT-like interface to data frames.

Taipy is thrilled to participate in such a collaboration and looking forward to showing the results soon!