How to create a movie recommendation with Taipy GUI, in no time.

Last week, on February 16 to 19th, Taipy was proud to sponsor and participate in PyConFr 2023 in Bordeaux, France.

What is PyCon Fr?

PyCon Fr is an annual conference that takes place over four days, organized entirely by volunteers for the francophone Python community, bringing together individuals interested in the Python programming language.

Create a movie recommendation in a few minutes

Developers collaborated to advance and contribute to Taipy by integrating new features and building interactive demos, primarily using Taipy’s GUI. This session aimed to create a movie recommendation application on VS Code.

Participants used a pre-defined template to search for likes, dislikes, and views movies and recommend other films based on their actions. Thanks to Jean Robin Medori (CPO of Taipy) and Florian Jacta (Taipy Customer Success Engineer), who led these sprints.

PyCon Fr Bordeaux movie recommandation
Movie recommandation PyCon Fr Bordeaux

On the following and last two days, Vincent Gosselin (CEO & Co-Founder of Taipy) and Florian Jacta held a 2.5-hour workshop and conference, in which they introduced : 

  • Taipy GUI, the fastest and easiest Python library currently available in the market. 
  • As well as Taipy Core, the most complete pipeline modeling with scenario management, using the freshly released Taipy Studio, a graphical configuration builder. This last provides programmers with tools that significantly improve productivity when building Taipy applications. 

Subsequently, Florian showcased his coding skills by utilizing notebooks, which data scientists commonly employ. Not only does this approach enable step-by-step coding and facilitate experimentation with different techniques, but it also enhances accessibility. Florian provided a detailed walkthrough of the Covid Dashboard demo’s graphical interface creation process through the notebook.

 Both talks were well-attended, with over 40 attendees from various backgrounds, including academics, Python developers, data engineers, MLOps, data scientists, and consultants.

We’re grateful for the chance to showcase Taipy to the Python community in France. Hats off to the organization team Association Francophone Python (AFPy), for pulling off a great event!

Stay tuned for the conference videos! 

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 PyCon Fr Bordeaux

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