Learn about Taipy

You can now learn about Taipy by checking two new videos promoting and explaining the positioning of this revolutionary library.

Learn about Taipy and why it was born

In this video, Vincent Gosselin, Taipy’s CEO, introduces the rationale for the existence of the game-changing tool: Taipy, the first end-to-end simple code Python platform. Learn about Taipy, and why it has been developed. Business users will not just accept the output of an algorithm, however smart it can be. That’s why Taipy was born .

Learn about Taipy and what it is precisely.

This video is an animated presentation of the functioning of Taipy and all the incredible features it brings to take data scientists’ and developers’ jobs. Taipy will help them be successful with their Python developments, whether they want to develop a simple pilot or a full-scale application. It has been designed to reduce the development and deployment time.

Watch your application come to life

Start with Taipy now

$ pip install taipy