Mark your calendars. Taipy is continuing its world tour in 2023.

Taipy will still participate as a sponsor in a series of Python, AI, Open-Source & Data Science conferences. Taipy is fully committed to participating in these conferences targeting the Python Developers, Data Scientists & Data Engineers community to share ideas and learn from each other.  

These conferences will be the chance to share insights and build new connections through networking events like Lightning Talks and Open Spaces.

It will be a great opportunity present Taipy new releases and the 2023 roadmap! Exciting news are in the pipes. Get ready!

Come to meet us, connect, and grow with data scientists, speakers, and AI practitioners virtually or in person

Join& follow us on this magical tour! #Taipyworldtour2023

Taipy World Tour 2023 Dates

9-11 Feb 2023 WAICF | France

16-19 Feb 2023 PyCon Fr Bordeaux | France

10-12 March 2023 PyData London | UK

15-19 April 2023 PyData Berlin | Germany

19-27 April 2023 PyCon US Salt Lake City | US

26-28 April 2023 PyData Seattle | USA

9-11 May 2023 ODSC East Boston | USA

10-12 May 2023 JupyterCon Paris | France

14-15 June 2023 ODSC London | UK



14-16 September 2023 PyData Amsterdam| Netherlands

1-3 October 2023 PyData NYC| USA


More to come in Fall 2023. We will keep you posted. Stay tuned and find our upcoming dates HERE!

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