Taipy 2.4: A Leap Forward in Building DS Application

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We are thrilled to announce the release of Taipy 2.4, the latest version of our open-source Python library that empowers you to build user-friendly and production-ready data science applications. This new small release comes packed with exciting features and improvements across our core components, taipy-config, taipy-gui, taipy-core, and taipy-rest, providing you with even greater control and ease in developing your applications.

What is Taipy?

Taipy is your go-to resource for building both front-end and back-end components of data science applications. Whether you are a data scientist, a Python developer, or an analyst, Taipy offers a 100% Python-based library that streamlines your coding projects and revolutionizes your data science workflows. It is designed to reduce development and deployment time drastically, making it the ideal choice for data-driven applications.

Building Interactive Dashboards with Ease

Taipy component accelerates the creation of interactive and customizable multiple-page dashboards with augmented Markdown. With this component, you can build highly interactive interfaces without any prior knowledge of web development (CSS or HTML). It provides a range of features, including multi-user sessions, code autocompletion, API extensions for graphical components from third-party libraries, and large data visualization capabilities. Moreover, Taipy is fully compatible with Notebooks, making it the ultimate web application builder for your data science projects.

Empowering Back-End Applications

Taipy offers intuitive components to organize and manage data through pipelines and data flow orchestration. One of the standout functionalities of Taipy is the Scenario Management, allowing data scientists and end-users to perform “what-if” analysis, making it a powerful tool for decision-making and impact analysis processes.

New Features in Taipy 2.4

Let’s dive into the exciting features and improvements that Taipy 2.4 brings to the table:

  • Scenario Selector Control Enhancement In Taipy 2.4, the scenario_selector control has a new property called on_creation, which gives developers full control of scenario creation in response to an end-user pressing the “Create” button. This enhancement adds flexibility to the scenario creation process, empowering developers to customize it to meet their specific needs.
  • Activity Spinner CSS Styling Taipy 2.4 introduces a change to the activity spinner, which now relies on the CSS class taipy-busy. This update allows you to easily style the activity spinner, giving it a more appealing and coherent look with the rest of your application.
  • Shift+Enter Support for Multi-Line Input Control The multi-line input control in Taipy GUI now accepts Shift+Enter to insert a line break. This simple yet significant improvement enhances the user experience when working with multi-line inputs, improving overall usability.
  • Date Picker for Table Date Value Edition In Taipy GUI, when editing a date value within tables, Taipy 2.4 prompts the user with a date picker. This enhancement simplifies the process of selecting and modifying dates, making it more user-friendly and error-resistant.
  • Support for Modin 0.23 and Pandas 2.0 Taipy Core now includes support for Modin 0.23, which allows you to leverage its advanced features and optimizations. Additionally, Taipy 2.4 supports Pandas 2.0, offering you the latest functionalities of this popular library. It’s essential to note that Taipy 2.4 drops support for Pandas versions earlier than 2.0.

⚠️ If you require compatibility with Pandas 1.5, you can continue using Taipy 2.3.


Taipy is a game-changer for developers, data scientists, and analysts. And now, with its enhanced Scenario Selector Control, improved Activity Spinner Styling, and added support for Modin 0.23 and Pandas 2.0, Taipy is better equipped than ever to streamline your coding projects and data science workflows.

Whether you are building interactive dashboards with Taipy GUI or managing and orchestrating data with Taipy Core, this new release offers unprecedented flexibility and ease of use. Embrace the power of Taipy 2.4, and join us in revolutionizing data science application development.

Get started with Taipy 2.4 today! Visit our GitHub repository at https://lnkd.in/dq8JaM45 and explore the possibilities. We are excited to see the innovative applications you create with Taipy!

Find more information in the release notes on our website. You can check all the new features, improvements and changes as well as the fixed bugs here.
Have great fun developing pilots and projects with Taipy, and stay tuned for upcoming updates! And thank you for inspiring us with your feedback, enthusiasm, and creativity.
Please keep on being proud of your web applications and share them with us. And don’t forget to keep sending us comments, ideas, bugs, feature requests, articles, or even words of encouragement on our GitHub repository.

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