Taipy 1.1 Enterprise Edition

We have successfully met our corporate users’ expectations:

  • Authentication with LDAP integration
  • Authorization or the Ability to assign different profiles to end-users
  • Job recovery system after application restart

  • and last but not least, Product Support.

All these inputs are now available in Taipy Enterprise Edition.

We have decided to align the version of Taipy Community and Taipy Enterprise.

Hence version 1.1 for our first Taipy Enterprise release. 

Both versions share the same documentation. In the online documentation, for topics specific to Taipy Enterprise, you will notice the following insert: 

Taipy Enterprise will have a great roadmap this year!

Since Taipy is very community-driven, do not hesitate to propose new features on our community discussion board.

 Have great fun developing pilots and projects with Taipy, and stay tuned for any upcoming updates!