Taipy announces US $2M seed round closing with Legendary Venture.

We are pleased to announce our US $2M seed round closing with Legendary Venture. 

This demonstrates the increased interest in Python Open-source productivity platforms

This seed funding will enable us to invest in  R&D, continue developing a great product, and grow the Taipy Community worldwide. We keep improving all the incredible features Taipy brings to take the data scientist & Python developer to the next level. 

We have an excellent roadmap for the product beginning with Taipy Release 2.0 at the end of this month.

Our Taipy Enterprise version is also getting traction, signing large accounts in Europe, Asia, and the US.  

Last but not least, Taipy is all over the open-source tech scene with our participation in most major AI/Data conferences in the next 12 months: Taipy Fall World Tour.

We thank the community and customers for their support. We are proud to write another chapter in Taipy’s story. 


About Taipy 

Taipy, The next-gen Python application builder.

Taipy meets the challenge of rapidly transforming a bare algorithm into a full-fledged Decision Support System for end-users.

Taipy is composed of:

  • Taipy GUI for the development of highly interactive production-ready GUIs for the web
  • Taipy Core  for intelligent pipeline management, data caching, scenario management, etc.

For more information, visit Taipy or follow us on Linkedin and Twitter.


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