Taipy participated in the fantastic 3-day event PyConUK 2022 as a silver sponsor.

Despite the sad news of the death of the Queen,  PyConUK 2022 has not been affected by royal events and has still gone ahead as planned at Cardiff City Hall on September 16, 17 & 18.

PyConUK 2022

This first-class conference was set in the beautiful Cardiff City Hall. It hosted a fantastic schedule of talks and workshops, plus the ever-varied and well-enjoyed lightning talks.

It was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate Taipy, our brand-new open-source and simple code framework! 👍 💥

The conference offered excellent attendance, fantastic discussions, demo sessions, and great feedback! 

Taipy at PyConUK 2022

Participants have been very enthusiastic about Taipy.io and our two main modules: Taipy GUI and Taipy Core.

Our colleagues, Vincent & Florian, engaged with many participants, answering questions, showing demos, Taipy codes, etc.


PyConUK 2022

PyConUK 2022 insights

successful Event made of:

Thanks to the organizers and Ann Barr for setting up such an exciting event!PyConUK, see you again next year!

Pictures & videos are now available on PyCon UK 2022To see more, A little summary of #PyConUK2022(16) PyConUK 2022 in Numbers and Pictures | LinkedIn

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