Taipy at the High Tech Campus for PyData Eindhoven 2022

PyData High Tech Campus for PyData Eindhoven 2022 was back with an exciting in-person conference in collaboration with the High Tech Campus and the AI Innovation Center. It was a great conference filled with exciting talks on data science, machine learning, and best practices. Taipy, a Platinum sponsor, was happy to be part of it and once again received great feedback! 

 This one-day conference held on the 2nd of December provided an opportunity to share knowledge, learn new approaches and emerging technologies, and get the latest in Analytics and Visualization. Attendees heard from some of the top minds in the Python data community and networked with like-minded individuals. It was really nice to see major industrial companies like ASML present their AI applications at the conference. 

The Taipy team was thrilled to welcome visitors to its booth and to introduce Taipy, our new open-source, low-code framework! Vincent Gosselin, CEO& co-Founder of Taipy presented in a 30 min talk on how a complete application (front-end/back-end) can be built in Python in no time. . He demonstrated how Taipy GUI combines low-code and powerful performance that lacks existing Python packages. On the backend side, he highlighted how Taipy Core combines MLOps, Data Science, and End-User scenarios. This live talk was packed with a great audience. The final 10 min Q&A session was a flurry of amazingly good questions and great feedback from our dutch audience.

Thank you to the visitors and the organizers James Weiss from NunFOCUS and Gareth Thomas from VersionBay.

See you next year for new PyData conferences in Europe and the USA!

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