Taipy participates in The Vietnamese OR society Annual Event (VORN)!

Vincent Gosselin, CEO & Co-Founder (Taipy), with Albert Antoine, Director &co-Founder (Taipy), participated in early August 2022 at VORN Annual Meeting (Vietnamese OR Society). The event was organized at Vietnam National University (Ho Chi Minh City) 

It was an excellent opportunity to introduce and demonstrate Taipy in a 2-hour tutorial for the Applied Maths, AI, and IE Departments. 

At the main event, Vincent also gave a key-note speech presenting the challenges of building successful AI/OR applications for large organizations and how Taipy can address most of them.

There were fascinating talks in the other sessions from Academics based in Vietnam and overseas universities (Latrobe, Berkeley, etc.). It demonstrated how dynamic this field is with the association of AI and OR techniques. 

Both online and on-site events were a big success, thanks to insightful discussions and excellent interactions. Special Thanks to Prof Nguyen Van Hop for his warm welcome.

Thanks to Prof Nguyen Van Hop for the organization and the warm welcome from his team! Congratulations to the Taipy teams!

Taipy is looking forward to more interactions soon!

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