Taipy takes the stage at WAICF Cannes 2023

Taipy sponsored and participated in The WAIC (World AI Cannes Festival), the ultimate AI experience in Cannes, France.

WAICF took place in the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes. It brought together top builders of game-changing AI strategies and use cases for an unparalleled experience in the future of Artificial Intelligence! 

This 2nd edition hosted 10K+ attendees with exceptional talks, showcases, performances, and networking events. Three days of valuable workshops, dynamic networking, and groundbreaking AI projects! 

On The first day, Taipy took part in a workshop. We delivered a 30-min startup pitch in our field: building stunning data science web applications in Python. This was followed by a demo by Théo Demessance, Data Scientist at Groupement Les Mousquetaires. He presented their CFM (Cash Flow Management) application, developed with Taipy library.

WAICF CFM Groupement Intermarche
CFM Groupement Intermarche WAICF 2

Both well-attended workshops attracted diverse people with a wide range of backgrounds, such as data scientists, consultants, IT Directors, and Pythonistas – all with a strong interest in Python and especially in our stack Taipy: Taipy GUI and Taipy Core. Taipy GUI is the fastest and easiest Python library currently available in the market, and Taipy Core is the most complete pipeline modeling with scenario management. Both components (GUI and Core) help turn Data and AI algorithms into full web applications and stack them together to shape a one-of-a-kind solution.

Thanks to the organizers and participants for this fantastic event! 

We’re grateful for the chance to showcase Taipy to the AI and Python communities in France. 

Bring on WAICF 2024; we are ready for more!


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