Taipy to Showcase at PyCon Korea 2023!

We are thrilled to announce that Taipy, the innovative web application builder for Python developers and data scientists, will participate in PyCon Korea 2023, scheduled from August 11th to 13th at the prestigious COEX Grand Ballroom & ASEM Ballroom. This event, a celebration of the Python programming language, is a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with the vibrant Korean Python community.

Taipy has joined forces with KSTEC, a leading smart software solution company, to bring our cutting-edge AI application builder to the forefront of the PyCon Korea experience. This collaboration exemplifies our shared commitment to advancing the Python ecosystem and empowering developers and data scientists to create powerful AI applications effortlessly.

Meet the Visionaries Behind Taipy: Vincent Gosselin and Albert Antoine

Our booth will feature none other than Vincent Gosselin, the CEO and Co-founder of Taipy, and Albert Antoine, Co-founder and Director of Taipy. These visionaries have led our journey in redefining how web applications are built, making them accessible and user-friendly for the Python community.

Unlock the Potential of Python with Taipy

At the heart of our participation is the introduction of Taipy, a simple yet powerful web application builder designed to cater to the diverse needs of Python enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned Python developer or a budding data scientist, Taipy empowers you to easily harness the power of AI and machine learning to create impactful web applications. From machine learning to optimization, Taipy has you covered.

Partnering for Progress: KSTEC’s Role

KSTEC, a Korean smart software solution company, is proudly participating in PyCon Korea for the second consecutive year. As our domestic reselling partner, KSTEC has played a pivotal role in bringing Taipy to the Korean market, contributing to the growth of the domestic Python landscape. We’re honored to stand alongside KSTEC in this journey of advancing Python and artificial intelligence.

Revitalizing the Python Landscape

Oh Bok-soo, the Technical Director of KSTEC’s Data Science & Analytics Division, envisions a revitalized domestic Python market through the partnership between KSTEC and Taipy. By providing the ‘Taipy’ solution, we aim to empower businesses with a user-friendly AI application builder, fostering innovation and growth.

Join Us at PyCon Korea 2023

PyCon Korea 2023 promises to be an event filled with knowledge-sharing, networking, and collaboration. We invite you to visit our booth at the COEX Grand Ballroom & ASEM Ballroom to experience firsthand the potential of Taipy. Meet the minds behind the innovation and explore AI and Python’s possibilities for your projects.

As we gear up for PyCon Korea 2023, the Taipy team is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to connect with you, share insights, and celebrate the Python community’s achievements. Together with KSTEC, we’re excited to make this event memorable, leaving a lasting impact on the Python landscape.

Stay tuned for updates, exciting announcements, and more as we approach PyCon Korea 2023! Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this remarkable journey.

📅 Event Details:

Date: August 11th – 13th, 2023

Location: COEX Grand Ballroom & ASEM Ballroom

See you at PyCon Korea 2023!

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