Taipy took a bite out of PyData New York City 

PyData New York City was back in person after a two-year hiatus.

Taipy was part of this very successful return as a platinum sponsor!

The 2022 edition of PyData NYC was held at the Microsoft Conference Center, at 11 Times Square, from November 9 to November 11.
The Taipy team was thrilled to welcome visitors to its booth and to introduce Taipy, our brand-new open-source, simple-code framework!

Florian Jacta presenting Taipy in NYC

We had great discussions with some main players in the world of open-source, such as the Python legend Travis Oliphant, Matt Harward from Open Teams, Adam Shroeder from Plotly, the folks at Anaconda, the Numfocus organizers, etc.
It was great to meet people using Python in a wide range of contexts and Industries, although being in NYC, many visitors were from the Finance sector.

On Tuesday, Taipy presented a 45-min Product Demo talk, “Turning Data/AI Algorithms into Production-ready Applications in no time with Taipy”. The talk attracted a large audience, resulting in great support and excellent feedback! 

Stay tuned; We will soon share the video of our Product Demo talk on our website and Youtube channel!


Thank you to the PyData NYC organizers, NumFocus, and the many visitors who came to meet the Taipy team! See you at PyData Eindhoven on December 2nd!

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