Keyword Extraction and pipeline analysis

In this captivating guide, Kenneth Leung walks us through the process of constructing a robust keyword extraction and analysis pipeline, complete with an engaging front-end user interface and a dynamic back-end using Taipy and the groundbreaking KeyBERT library. As the influx of textual data from diverse sources continues to surge, harnessing the power of NLP techniques like keyword extraction becomes imperative.


  • 📚 Context: Dive into the context of rapidly evolving AI and machine learning research, and the role of arXiv as a leading platform for scientific papers.
  • 🔍 Tools Overview: Gain insights into the three essential tools used in this project – arXiv API Python wrapper, KeyBERT, and Taipy.
  • 🚀 Step-by-Step Guide: Follow a comprehensive walkthrough to build your keyword extraction and analysis pipeline.
  • 🛠️ Backend and Frontend Integration: Explore the seamless integration of Taipy’s powerful backend capabilities with its intuitive frontend user interface.
  • 📊 Visual Insights: Witness the creation of a sophisticated dashboard for visualizing and analyzing extracted keywords.

How Can You Benefit?

  • Researchers, data scientists, and AI enthusiasts can unlock the potential of advanced keyword extraction techniques to enhance their understanding of textual data.
  • Developers can learn how to create robust pipelines that link the front end and back end, utilizing Taipy’s versatile features.
  • Everyone interested in NLP and machine learning can grasp the intricacies of keyword analysis in an accessible and engaging manner.

Ready to Dive In? For all the details, insights, and the complete walkthrough, head over to the original article on Towards Data Science.

In this article

  • Context
  • Tools Overview
  • Step-by-Step Guide
  • Wrapping it up

We’re thrilled to see the Taipy community expanding its horizons and embracing the power of keyword extraction for more insightful data analysis. Happy reading and exploring, fellow Taipy enthusiasts!