Groupe Les Mousquetaires, a leading European retail group, has deployed CFM, an AI-based Cash Flow Forecasting application. CFM (Cash Flow Management) was developed with Taipy. It has become a central application for the Financial Division: the treasurer can now achieve much better forecasts, taking into account much more variables but also performing scenario analysis.

STIME (Groupe Les Mousquetaires’s IT Dpt) selected Taipy as its Python Development Framework as it allows for fast development, full-stack coverage (from GUI, Pipeline, and Scenario Management), and easy deployment.

Implementing the CFM project with Taipy resulted in more active cash management, leading to gains by accurately identifying the best timings and amounts to invest (or borrow) and selecting the most suitable investment instrument. This project generated a high return on investment, which was further increased by rising inflation.

In this video, Théo Demessance, one of the lead Data Scientists at Groupe Les Mousquetaires, explains how Taipy is used to create interactive dashboards and efficiently manage complex data flows.

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