Eric Narro’s thoughts about Taipy Core

“Using Taipy Core is a bit more complex than using Taipy GUI, but this is normal because the tasks that it is used for are also usually more complicated (whatever the tool). And maybe this also talks well about Taipy GUI, if it makes other things look a bit harder!”

“Another feeling I have is that Taipy Core is meant to be used for complex situations, and this is why it is also hard to make a minimal app using it, it “does not make sense” in a way, because you are not using its real power (just like it wouldn’t make sense to use an 18-wheeler to commute to work — you get the idea).

But I am glad I explored it, because it will allow me to do more elaborated tasks in the future (so it makes sense to start with small examples to figure things out).

I would also add, similarly, that Taipy Core seems more adapted to Data Science applications, which is not, to this date, my domain (but I plan to dive deeper in there, so Taipy may be a tool I will continue using as I learn more about models).”

In this article

  • Taipy Core — general concepts
  • Taipy Studio overview
  • Create A scenario, a Pipeline, 2 Data Nodes and a Task
  • Demo App with Taipy Core
  • Creating a configuration diagram file
  • Personal thought about Taipy and Taipy Core