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Thanks for your interest in helping improve Taipy! All forms of contributions are welcome, and they are greatly appreciated!

Mentoring program

New to open source and Taipy? Benefit from an onboarding and training program with Taipy’s developer team.

Contributing guide

We value all kinds of contributions – not just code.

Follow personalized training with an expert mentor!

Thanks for your interest in helping improve Taipy! Contributions are welcome, and they are greatly appreciated! Every little help and credit will always be given.

Submit your participation project

Tell us what you’d like to work on first. Choose between all the features in our pipe or propose your own!

Onboard and start your project with your mentor

Start working on your project under the supervision of your mentor for at least two weeks. Get trained by the bests!

Go on autonomously, success and go further

After your onboarding period, continue to work autonomously, fulfill your project and start another one if you want!

You will still be able to contact your mentor throughout the project.

Choose between our projects or bring your own!

Here are the features we would like to implement in the future. Feel free to make one of them your very own project.

Integration with data visualisation packages







GitHub deployment for Cloud

More predefined data nodes

Parquet, MongoDB, Cassandra, JobLib, Neo4J, Couchbase, and so on!

Enhance tables

Provide more features to the table graphical object.

Integration with external execution systems

Scikit learn pipelines

Airflow dags

Dataiku pipelines

Azure ML


And many more!


They make Taipy better every day

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