Frequently Asked Questions

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General topics

Why is Taipy free ?

Taipy is free and will always be.

We want to share this incredible package with the most people. Taipy is a way to boost the productivity of every Python developer and Data scientist. We want to maintain and work with a great community to improve this wonderful Open Source product.

This is why the Open Source version of Taipy is free and contains all the features necessary to create a complete application.

Taipy Hosting can help you deploy your application in a very simple and fast way. For more information, go here.

If you are from a company, you should definitely check out the Enterprise version that adds on top of Taipy: authorization, authentication, LDAP, easy integration of Airflow, and great support to help you deploy your solution.

What is the difference between Taipy Core and Taipy GUI?

Indeed, Taipy is composed of Taipy GUI and Taipy Core. The two components are independent but work wonderfully well together.
Taipy GUI enables everyone to create a Graphical User Interface. You can create interactive pages holding graphical components knowing nothing more than Markdown.

Taipy Core lets you build create and manage full data flows including pipelines that can invoke your own code. Taipy will use its intelligent scheduling to cache some repetitive tasks, parallelize them, and create all the information to handle them.
The goal of Taipy Core is to translate your standard Python code and boost the performance and improve the management of pipelines and scenarios.

Taipy Rest is the last component of Taipy. It lets anyone a way to access their scenarios, pipelines, and data accessors through a Rest API.

Do I need to know Web Page designing?

You don’t need any knowledge of HTML, Javascript, or CSS. Taipy has been created with the intent to make complex web applications in the hands of everyone. 

With basic knowledge of Python, you should be able to follow the Getting Started and learn how to use Taipy.

How can Taipy make my application faster?

Taipy Core has its intelligent scheduling. It can parallelize all your tasks automatically. You can create your pipelines, tasks, and scenarios that will happen simultaneously if possible.

A system of cache is also present. Taipy can skip repetitive tasks when the same pipeline runs multiple times. Taipy will not rerun it.

Moreover, Taipy GUI is also fast. It can asynchronously launch multiple functions depending on your application to make it quicker and more fluid.


Why doesn’t Taipy work the same in Notebooks?

Notebooks don’t work the same as Python Scripts. When you execute the GUI (Gui(…).run()), the server will always be present in memory because of how Notebooks works. 

This is why some special functions for the Gui have been created. You can also Restart your kernel to stop the server that has been created.

Can I deploy a Taipy application on Windows Server?

Yes, Taipy is fully compatible with Windows Server for production. We currently do not provide any documentation on this subject because Microsoft recommends deploying Python applications on Linux. Click here to access the documentation.

Taipy Core

How can I trigger scenarios automatically?

Taipy doesn’t provide in itself an automatic creation and execution of scenarios. However, you can code yourself or use a CRON to run your pipelines according to certain scheduling.


What is the best way to organize the code for a full application?

The best way is your way. However, we would suggest organizing your code like this
Frontend folder (optional)
Backend folder (optional)
main.css (optional)


Taipy GUI

Can I change the content of my page on the fly?

Taipy provides partials. Partials are small blocks whose contents can be changed and reloaded on the fly.

Why am I seeing the page of a previous code ?

It seems your server is still running in the background, this is why you see your previous page. To avoid it, don’t forget to kill your program after you are finished.

I don't see my tables updating properly when I change their structure.

If the structure of your data is changing (for example, the columns have been changed), Taipy needs to reload the table/chart.
To do so, put your code in a partial and change its content on the fly.

Sometimes, my variables are not updating in the Graphical User Interface.

To apply a change in the GUI, you should preferably use state.var = XXXX and not other functions like append/pop and so on to avoid any problem.

Why am I having this warning "This is a development server. Do not use it in a production deployment." when running a Taipy GUI application?

* Server starting on
* Serving Flask app ‘Taipy’ (lazy loading)
* Environment: production
WARNING: This is a development server. Do not use it in a production deployment.
Use a production WSGI server instead.
* Debug mode: on
* Server starting on

It is normal. Taipy wants to make it easy to run the GUI when you are developing your app.
The easiest way is to use a development server (provided by Flask).
When it comes to deploying the application on a production environment, please refer to the doc to use a production server.

To run Taipy in the production environment, you will want to set the ‘debug’ configuration option to False, or force it to False in the call to Gui.run().

I have this error “ConnectionError: Port 5000 is already opened on You have another server application running on the same port.”. What should I do?

This error is due to another application or to Taipy already using this port. You can either find the application using this port and disable it or you can simply change the port Taipy is using by setting the port to a different one (Gui(…).run(port=xxxx)).