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Florian JactaFlorian Jacta

Hi Andrey,

It is strange. The solution works in my environment. This is my complete code in my ‘main.py’:

import pandas as pd
from taipy import Gui

data = pd.DataFrame({“Name”:[“John”,”Mary”,”Bob”],

page = “””
<|{data}|table|style[Name]={lambda state, value: “red-cell”}|>


And here is my code in the ‘main.css’:

.red-cell {
background-color: red;

I can see on the webpage a red background for the ‘Name’ column as intended. I have tested it on the newest version of Taipy.

I hope this will help you. If it doesn’t, maybe if you could provide your Taipy version, the name of your web browser, and your entire code, we will be able to find out what is happening.