Back-end developer

Aug 16, 2022 | Jobs | 0 comments

Job Position

Avaiga is looking for a full-time Python Developer/Architect to join the R&D team.

The candidate will join a small team (
) and participate in designing, developing, maintaining, and documenting new Taipy capabilities, particularly the various new back-end features.

Many back-end features are planned to be added to Taipy. Among the various topics to work on, here is a few examples:
Implement a remote and distributed asynchronous task execution system.
Improve Taipy back-end architecture to support big data. (streaming, parallelization, …)
Improve data read/write access performances.


If you are a good English speaker, a Python lover, and like to deep dive into this programing language, we would love to meet you!

We are looking for a candidate with good experience in Python architecture and development. He/she will be responsible for producing quality, efficient software and highly maintainable code.

The candidate will need to able to have a global understanding of Taipy products so
he/she can be autonomous and handle a complete feature development cycle (specification, design, implementation, test, and documentation).

The candidate will need to be able to work in a total English environment. He/she must have good communication skills and be comfortable sharing and explaining technical concepts daily.

Practical information

  • Full-time position
  • Full remote environment (if based in Paris, some co-working could be possible)
  • Possible time zone: from GMT to GMT+ 5
  • The position is for a long-term duration.
  • Salary: To be discussed based on experience.

Required experience


We are looking for a candidate with at least 5+ years of experience in Python. An excellent understanding of the Python data model and a good knowledge of the Python ecosystem is required.


Experience using SQL and/or NoSQL databases, handling live and batch data streams, and multiprocess environments will be much appreciated.

Web application

Any experience working on web applications with a web-based architecture is a plus.

Technical stack

Here are some tools we are using or interested in :

  • Python 3.8 to 3.10
  • Flask, Rest APIs
  • SQL and NoSQL databases, RabbitMQ
  • Pandas, NumPy, Modin, Dask
  • Docker
  • Git, and GitHub
  • Scikit learn, Dataiku, Apache-Airflow,
  • Databricks, MLflow
  • Oauth, LDAP, Kerberos

Any experience using those technologies will be appreciated.