Front-end developper

Aug 18, 2022 | Jobs | 0 comments

Job Position

Avaiga is looking for a full-time Javascript developer to join the R&D team.

The candidate will join a small team working on the interface generation feature of Taipy. They will participate in designing, developing, maintaining, and documenting new Taipy capabilities, particularly the various new front-end features.

Front-end features are already planned to augment Taipy. Among the various topics to work on, here are a few:


  • Extend the control set of Taipy GUI, integrate third-party Web components, or develop ad hoc controls if needed.
  • Create a graphical user interface to help configure the Taipy application in a no-code approach.
  • Provide technical support and focused improvements to the existing offering.


We are looking for a candidate with good experience in Javascript development of front-end applications and Web components. The candidate will be responsible for discussing objectives and software designs, creating quality and efficient software, and providing highly maintainable code.

The candidate will need able to have a global understanding of Taipy products so
she or he can be autonomous and be able to handle a complete development cycle of a feature (specification, design, implementation, test, and documentation).

The candidate will need to be able to work in an entirely English environment. She or he must have good communication skills and be comfortable sharing and explaining technical concepts daily.

Practical information

  • Full time position
  • Full english environment
  • Full remote environment (if based in Paris, some co-working is possible)
  • Possible time zone: from GMT to GMT+ 7
  • Salary and bonus: To be discussed based on experience

Skills and requirements

In the context of Web development, we are looking for a candidate with at least 3+ years of experience in Javascript. A good understanding of the Javascript language and its interaction with browsers is required. 

CSS: The candidate must be familiar with styling selectors and properties and understand responsive Web principles.

ReactJS: Taipy uses ReactJS as the target front-end Javascript library. An understanding of the React concepts (including Context and Hooks) is required.

Basic knowledge of Python would be helpful.

Technical stack

Here are some of the tools and technologies that the Taipy GUI package relies on:

  • Javascript (Ecmascript)
  • Typescript
  • React (18)
  • Material UI
  • Authentication
  • Python 3: Flask, etc.
  • Git and GitHub

Any experience using those technologies will be appreciated.