Build Data Visualization Applications

What is data visualization?

Data Visualization in involves graphically representing data to enhance understanding and interpretation. Leveraging powerful visualization libraries, users can create interactive charts, maps, diagrams, and tables that showcase their data clearly and effectively.

To create data visualization, the user has to pip install taipy gui

data visualization

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make data visualizations with Taipy?

Yes! You can use the Taipy GUI component of Taipy to create interactive and customizable multiple-page data visualizations with augmented Markdown. No web design knowledge is required, and it eliminates all prerequisites for CSS and HTML.

Use Taipy GUI to create a basic application page using Markdown syntax. It covers variable bindings and introduces visual elements like sliders and charts.

Markdown syntax is a lightweight markup language for formatting plain text and creating structured documents. It provides a simple and intuitive way to add essential formatting elements, such as headings, lists, links, images, and emphasis, to text without the need for complex HTML or formatting tools.

Taipy uses Python Markdown to translate Markdown text to Web pages. Many language extensions make creating nice-looking pages easier for users to enjoy. Specifically, Taipy uses the following Markdown extensions: Admonition, Attribute Lists, Fenced Code Blocks, Meta-Data, Markdown in HTML, Sane Lists, and Tables.

Do I need to know web design?

You don’t need any prior knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, or CSS to use Taipy. Our goal is to make it possible for everyone to create complex web applications with ease.

By simply having a basic understanding of Python, you should be able to follow the Getting Started guide and learn how to use Taipy quickly and effectively.

How can Taipy make my data visualization application faster?

Taipy Core boasts intelligent scheduling that automatically parallelizes all tasks. You can create your own pipelines, tasks, and scenarios that can execute simultaneously when feasible.

Taipy also includes a cache system that enables it to skip repetitive tasks when the same pipeline runs multiple times, thus avoiding unnecessary reprocessing.

Additionally, Taipy GUI is fast and efficient. Depending on your application, it can launch multiple functions asynchronously to enhance its speed and fluidity.

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Taipy GUI in Jupyter Notebooks

Taipy GUI in Jupyter Notebooks

When working with Taipy GUI in Python scripts (.py), we would usually rerun the script whenever we make modifications to our code. The Jupyter Notebook (.ipynb) equivalent would be to restart the kernel and rerun all cells, which would not make for a pleasant coding experience!

Long running Callbacks

Long running Callbacks

Tasks in web applications can be time-consuming, causing communication timeouts between the server (Python application) and the client (web browser).

To overcome this challenge, Taipy offers a powerful feature called “long-running callbacks” to overcome this challenge.

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