5 – Organizing your Taipy Application with Partials, Dialogs, Panes

This video introduces the concept of Partials in Taipy GUI and demonstrates how using Partials will reduce the development time with clearer, easier-to-follow GUI pages and components. Partials are especially useful when a page (or portion of a page) is used repeatedly in the application (example: general instructions, contributions, generic constants, etc.)

Two more important Taipy GUI visual elements are introduced to help organize the application interface: Dialog and Pane. Dialogs and Panes are windows with different pop-up behavior intended to improve the user’s experience.

This is the second and last part of the previous video: “4. Organizing the layout of your application.”

This video’s complete code and assets can be downloaded via Taipy’s Gallery page. You can find the dataset from the project folder under the src/data/folder. If you have any questions, please check our Discussion Board.

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