Churn classification

Data Visualization

This is the first page of the application, which allows the users to perform some level of EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis).
The user can select the type of graph (scatter plot or histogram) and the data content (the input data to be displayed).

Model Manager

By clicking on the brain icon on the left panel, you will see the results of the performance of the selected model/algorithm.

By selecting the algorithm as well as the type of chart, you will be able to visualize the results of the predictions (on a validation dataset).

Comparing Models

By clicking on the balance icon on the left panel, you will get to another page displaying the performance of the 2 models side by side.


By clicking on the database icon, you can display:

  • The training dataset
  • The test data set
  • The forecast/scoring (based on the test data set) of the selected algorithm/model. You can notice that the correct prediction are highlighter in green where the wrong predictions are highlight in red).
  • The Confusion Matrix of the selected algo/model.

A ‘Download’ button is present to download the specified data frame as a CSV file.