Sales Dashboard


Demo Sales Dashboard demonstrates how Taipy can read an Excel file and show interesting results. This will be the base of our DataViz application. The user can filter it based on city, customer, and gender. This allows users to see metrics specific to certain groups of people or locations. For example, one’s can view the data to see sales metrics for customers in a particular city or sales metrics depending on gender.

Sales Dashboard demo


Two charts are shown on the Web application: sales by hour or sales by product. These graphs can help users identify trends and patterns in the data.

Overall, this demo of Excel-based application creation allows users to quickly and easily create an application that displays important metrics and charts from their Excel data. The ability to filter it by various criteria makes it easy to gain insights and make informed decisions. 


The logic and idea, as well as part of the code of this application, come from Sven Bosau. The original code can be found here. It was recreated using Taipy.