Stock visualization


Demo Stock Visualization is a stock data dashboard with interactive Taipy GUI visual elements to visualize historical stock data and make predictions for the stock within 1 to 5 years.

Normally, if you want to check out a stock’s historical performance like the opening/closing price and trading volume, it is often the case that this is done manually through a google search. Now, using taipy GUI and the yahoo finance library, we could get these informations in just a fraction of a second, visualize it using taipy’s tools, and make a dashboard that anyone can use easily.

The goal of this demo is to show how easy it is to build a data visualization dash with taipy. A fully interactive, highly customized web application that can be done in under 120 lines of python codes, is simply unheard of before, until taipy is introduced.

Regarding the predicting algorithm, we used the prophet library from Meta.

Feel free to play with the application, enter a new ticker to the list, and make the most well-informed decision with Taipy!