Tweet generation


Demo Tweet Generation, powered by Taipy technology (available at, enables users to create unique Tweets using cutting-edge AI models from OpenAI: GPT-3’s Davinci engine for generating text and DALL·E for generating images.

Tweet generation demo

Users can enter a topic, an optional mood parameter, and a Twitter account for “style-transfer” in a text prompt creation form. The application then generates an instruction to write a Tweet based on the given input and sends the prompt to the OpenAI API. The GPT-3 Davinci engine predicts the next likely word tokens based on its extensive training on public text data, resulting in the generation of a Tweet.

Moreover, the application can request and display an image from DALL·E, OpenAI’s AI image creation model, using the generated Tweet text as input. This integration creates a unique Tweet that combines both text and image, providing an exciting way to generate content for social media platforms.

Generated tweet and image


The logic and idea, as well as part of the code of this application, come from Nikolas Schriefer. The original code can be found here. It was recreated using Taipy.