Release note

Taipy 2.4 Community Edition

Aug 1, 2023

Dear Taipy users & community members,

We are pleased to announce the Taipy 2.4 Community Edition release.
Some very interesting and important features have come out.
Have great fun developing projects with Taipy, and stay tuned for any upcoming updates!

Taipy GUI

Taipy-GUI 2.4 New major features

Scenario Selector Control Enhancement

In Taipy 2.4, the scenario_selector control has a new property called on_creation, which gives developers full control of scenario creation in response to an end-user pressing the “Create” button. This enhancement adds flexibility to the scenario creation process, empowering developers to customize it to meet their specific needs.

Activity Spinner CSS Styling

Taipy 2.4 introduces a change to the activity spinner, which now relies on the CSS class taipy-busy. This update allows you to easily style the activity spinner, giving it a more appealing and coherent look with the rest of your application.

Shift+Enter Support for Multi-Line Input Control

The multi-line input control in Taipy GUI now accepts Shift+Enter to insert a line break. This simple yet significant improvement enhances the user experience when working with multi-line inputs, improving overall usability.

Date Picker for Table Date Value Edition

In Taipy GUI, when editing a date value within tables, Taipy 2.4 prompts the user with a date picker. This enhancement simplifies the process of selecting and modifying dates, making it more user-friendly and error-resistant.

Taipy Core

Taipy-Core 2.4 New major features

Support for Modin 0.23 and Pandas 2.0

Taipy Core now includes support for Modin 0.23, which allows you to leverage its advanced features and optimizations. Additionally, Taipy 2.4 supports Pandas 2.0, offering you the latest functionalities of this popular library. It’s essential to note that Taipy 2.4 drops support for Pandas versions earlier than 2.0. If you require compatibility with Pandas 1.5, you can continue using Taipy 2.3.