Dear Taipy users & community members,

After one year of development, we are pleased to announce the release of the Taipy 1.0 Community Edition.

Taipy has two components (can be used together or separately): Taipy-GUI & Taipy-Core. 

  • Taipy-GUI is not just another Python GUI library. It has is designed to build rapidly powerful and interactive GUIs for End-User applications. 
  • Taipy-Core provides scenario management (beneficial for Decision Support Systems), super-efficient multi-user pipeline management, task caching, parallelism, smart sharing of data sources, etc.

Taipy is helpful for simple data presentation apps to the most complex Decision Support Systems. 

The genesis of Taipy came from our frustration as data scientists (despite the flurry of Python packages emerging every week), by the lack of Python tools to increase the Python developer’s productivity to bring an algorithm massively into a complete application designed for end-users. 

We hope the community will harness the power of Taipy to bring the next generation of Python apps to the end-users.