Release note

Taipy 1.1 Community Edition

Jul 8, 2022


The new major features are:

Plus, some enhancements:

  • The input control has a new password property that, if True, obfuscates the user input.
  • The input, number, and selector controls have a new label property.
  • The layout block has a new syntax that makes it easier to define columns.
  • Support for multiple assignments to variables in on_change().


  • Two Job execution modes: “development” mode (default) runs tasks synchronously, one task at a time, while the “standalone” mode runs tasks asynchronously and in parallel using sub-processes.
  • Major performance improvement.

We have also ensured Taipy’s full compatibility with development environments such as Jupyter Notebooks, Databricks, and Watson Studio.

Our next release is planned for September 2022.

Stay tuned for more to come!