Release note

Taipy 2.0 Community Edition

Oct 7, 2022

Dear Taipy users & community members,

We are pleased to announce the 2.0 release of Taipy Community Edition!

Taipy GUI

Taipy-GUI 2.0 New major features

Extension API

Custom visual elements can be integrated into Taipy GUI applications.

You can now integrate third-party HTML components and address specific use cases.

New callbacks (on_navigate and on_exception) can be used to detect navigation events and exceptions raised in user code.

A subtle graphical indicator is displayed on top of pages when the server is processing.

Taipy-GUI 2.0 Improvements and changes

GUI.stop() is no longer required when re-running a Gui instance inside Notebook. This will greatly simplify the usage of Taipy with notebooks.

Bar charts can now be configured to display Gantt chart-like representations.

The client-server communication settings are extended to accommodate various Flask deployment scenarios.

Taipy Core

Taipy-Core 2.0 New major features

Taipy Core can now be executed as a service that runs along with Taipy GUI or Taipy Rest services.

Two new data node classes: SQLTableDataNode: a table in an SQL database and JSONDataNode: JSON data.

The SQLDataNode is kept but should be used to represent data using custom read and write queries.

Taipy-Core 2.0 Improvements and changes

In standalone mode, jobs whose status is `SUBMITTED`, `PENDING`, or `BLOCKED` can be canceled, and subsequent jobs will be abandoned. When a running job fails, its next jobs are abandoned.

Scenarios and data nodes can now be accessed directly.

Timeouts can be set when submitting a scenario, a pipeline, or a task.

In standalone mode, the job dispatcher runs in a thread that periodically checks for newly submitted jobs.

Exception messages have been improved to help the users debug their applications.

Taipy Enterprise Edition also has some interesting features!