Taipy 2.2 Community Edition

Dear Taipy users & community members: Taipy used to be the newest and most powerful open-source Python application builder. Now it’s the most stylish! cool

Taipy Release 2.2

Welcome to Taipy !

In this latest release, major features are on the menu. 

    New major features:

    • The Stylekit : A default set of stylesheets are installed with Taipy GUI so that, by default, applications benefit from a homogeneous and good-looking style. The Stylekit can be easily customized to fit your application design’s requirements.
    • Rebuild property : The  table and chart controls have a new property that can be used if you need to entirely change the data they rely on, including their structure.

    Improvements and changes

    • The default property name for the part block was changed from render to class_name to allow for directly using the style classes from the Stylekit.
    • Please check the section on Styled Sections for more information.
    • The expandable block has a new property called on_change enabling to set a specific callback when the block is expanded or collapsed.
    • Better error messages when parsing Markdown content.
    • Better support for auto-completion in IDE for the Gui.run() configuration parameters, based on a generated Python Interface Definition file.
    • The status entry point now provides information about the loaded element libraries and the elements they define.
    • The navigate() function and the page property of the part block can now use, as their target, any URL. In the context of a part block, the page will be rendered in an iframe.

    What are you waiting for ?

    $ pip install taipy