Release note

Taipy 2.3 Community Edition

Jun 26, 2023

Dear Taipy users & community members,

We are pleased to announce the 2.3 release of Taipy Community Edition.
Some very interesting and important features have come out.
Have great fun developing projects with Taipy, and stay tuned for any upcoming updates!

Taipy GUI

Taipy-GUI 2.3 New major features

The table and chart controls have a new property called rebuild that allows for modifying the control configuration at runtime, using properties that are not dynamic. See the details in the specific documentation sections for tables and charts.

The part block now accepts any URL as a value for the page property. You can then integrate any external web page as demonstrated in this example.

To better control the layout of external pages, a new height property has been added to the the part element.

The navigate() function has an additional parameter called force that, when set to True, re-renders the page (set to the to parameter). This allows to force the evaluation of bound variables in complex dependencies situations.

Taipy-GUI 2.3 Improvements and changes

Page scopes (how Taipy GUI finds bound variables in different modules) have been improved so any given page can locate a variable in any module that defines a local page.
See the section on page scopes for more information and examples.

A new mechanism to start the web server when using Notebooks was put in place to prevent potential bottlenecks when allocating a port number. This behavior is controlled by the notebook_proxy configuration parameter.

Taipy Core

Taipy-Core 2.3 New major features

All scenarios grouped by their cycle can now be retrieved by calling get_cycles_scenarios().

All entities (cycles, scenarios, pipelines, tasks, data nodes, and jobs) expose two new methods: get_label() and get_simple_label(), that can be used to display the entity.
get_entities_by_config_id() can be used to retrieve all entities that are based on the provided configuration identifier.
Commands for managing Taipy application versions can now be accessed via the $ taipy manage-versions command. Run $ taipy manage-versions --help for more details.
A version can now be renamed by running $ taipy manage-versions --rename <old_version> <new_version> from the CLI.

The configuration of a version can now be compared with another one by running $ taipy manage-versions –compare-config <version_1> <version_2> from the CLI.

Taipy-Core 2.3 Improvements and changes

A generic data node can now be created defining only the read_fct parameter for a read-only data node, or only the write_fct parameter for a write-only data node.

The parameters read_fct_params and write_fct_params of the generic data nodes were renamed to read_fct_args and write_fct_args, and both must be populated with a List value to avoid the problem of passing Tuple of one string.

The validity_period attribute of a data node is now exposed at the configuration level to set the up-to-date duration of a data node.

Add support for SQLAlchemy 2.0