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Fast graphical performance

No need for inefficient global refresh. In Taipy, you can specify precisely how the end-user interacts with your graphical elements.


Taipy has been designed for easy customization modify your application's look and feel (no CSS background needed), etc.


Each Taipy application's end-user has his own state enabling multi-user support.

In addition, application variable updates can be broadcasted to every connected user. This is specifically relevant when visualizing live global data.

Large data support

By optimizing the rendering of large datasets using decimators for charts and smart pagination for tables, Taipy achieves unparallelled response time where other libraries fall apart.

Version management

Taipy covers the full cycle of software development, from application version management (development, test, production), to unique pipeline versioning.

GUI editor for pipelines

Taipy offers full pipeline orchestration. A GUI editor, Taipy Studio, makes it easy to design your dataflows.


The developer has the choice between two different APIs to build graphical interfaces: pure Python or our Augmented Markdown.

Get started to drive your data in minutes.

A framework for production-ready AI and Data applications!

Create your whole application in a single language.

Easy to learn

Taipy is easy to learn. Designed for any Python developer.

Choose between two different APIs for your graphical interfaces: augmented Markdown, or Python.

Taipy Studio, the graphical editor makes it easy for the developer to build the application pipelines.

Python Ecosystem Friendly

Taipy is designed to fit in your Python development stack. Whether you want to develop on IDEs or on Notebooks, Taipy provides all the functionalities you need.

Dataflow management

You can model precisely your dataflow using tasks and data nodes.

We provide full orchestration services (tasks execution, caching, scheduling, etc.), pipeline version management,

Production-ready web application

From simple pilots to full-scale applications, Taipy is designed to build powerful & customized data-driven back-end web applications.

After building your front-end and back-end, we provide ready-to-use deployment scripts (Docker, etc.).

A Taipy application can be used on its own, alternatively Taipy naturally integrates with data platforms such as Databricks, Dataiku, AWS SageMaker, Google Colab, etc.

Innovative scenario management

Dive into the backend world with pipeline orchestration. Each pipeline execution is referred to as a scenario. Scenarios are stored, recorded, and actionable, enabling what-if analysis and KPI comparison.

Application development cycle

Taipy has been designed to cover all the development steps of an application.

Taipy CLI supports the development, test, and production stages.

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Integrating Taipy into our suite of products for the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market has marked a significant step forward. The ease with which our development team was able to pick up Taipy was remarkable. It's not just about the learning curve, it's about the speed at which we were able to develop and deploy the solutions.Considering our QSR customers, who often operate thousands of stores in each country, scalability is a key concern. Taipy excels in this area, scaling efficiently with the number of stores and users.

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