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Taipy is an open-source Python library

for building your web application front-end & back-end.

No knowledge of web development is required!

$ pip install taipy


Taipy helps you develop the frontend of an application without having to know about HTML, CSS and JS.

With a simple syntax, it accelerates the creation of customizable multi-page dashboards.

Taipy generates interactive interfaces including charts and all sorts of widely used controls.


Taipy is also designed  to develop the back-end of an application.

It models dataflows and orchestrates pipelines.

Each pipeline execution is referred to as a scenario.

Scenarios are stored, recorded, and actionable, enabling what-if analysis or KPI comparison.


Finally, Taipy also greatly eases your web application deployment.

It provides the most suitable cloud tool to host, deploy, and share your Taipy applications quickly and efficiently. 

In addition, this platform provides the ability to manage, store, and maintain the various states of your backend.

Get started to drive your data in minutes.

Create your whole application in a single language.

No front-end or back-end knowledge needed

Taipy provides a simple syntax that helps accelerate the process of creating interactive & customizable multiple-page dashboards without requiring any knowledge of web development (CSS or HTML).
It’s developed with augmented Markdown

Innovative Scenario Management

Taipy brings the best practices in terms of what-if analysis with a powerful Scenario Management module and an intuitive KPIs Monitoring Approach.

Data flow orchestration

Taipy offers a smart tasks/pipelines executor, a time scheduler for tasks/pipelines, ready-to-use deployment scripts (Docker, etc.).

Production-ready web application

From simple pilots to full-scale applications, Taipy is designed to build powerful & customized data-driven back-end web applications. It provides intuitive components to organize and manage data through pipelines and data flow orchestration.

Python Ecosystem Friendly

Taipy can be developed as Python scripts or used within Jupyter Notebooks.

Use your favorite development tool

As a data scientist or developer, Taipy will help you be successful with your Python developments. Whether you want to develop on IDEs’ or on notebooks, Taipy provides all the functionalities you need.

Technology drivers

Leverage popular industry standards

Our innovative library sets cutting-edge technologies in motion and boosts your productivity

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