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The next-gen Python application builder.

Turns Data and AI algorithms into full web apps in no time.

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Requires Python 3.8 or above


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Taipy is pure Python and Open source.

No Front-End nor Back-End experience is necessary!

What is Taipy?

The missing link between algorithms and end-users

All the experience of veteran Data Scientists has been poured into Taipy

From Data Dashboards web apps to full AI applications

Taipy has been designed to cope with a large range of applications: from dashboarding to industrializing AI(*) models.

(*): Machine Learning, Operations Research, Reinforcement Learning, etc.


Neither front-end nor back-end experience required.
Taipy is designed to offer a huge productivity boost to Python Developers while still offering a high level of customization and performance.

Python Ecosystem Friendly

Taipy can be developed as Python scripts or used within Jupyter Notebooks.

One size fits all

Taipy scales from simple pilots to complex industrial apps, offering light speed development of Graphics, complete Pipeline and Scenario Management. Taipy has been designed for small and large size datasets.

Smart pipeline management and execution

Taipy offers a smart tasks/pipelines executor, a time scheduler for tasks/pipelines, ready-to-use deployment scripts (Docker, etc.).

Innovative Scenario Management

Taipy brings the best practices in terms of what-if analysis with a powerful Scenario Management module and an intuitive KPIs Monitoring Approach.

The first end-to-end low-code Python platform

Taipy GUI with Taipy Core pops out as a 360° platform to build production-ready web apps.

Taipy GUI is a super productive low-code Python library to build full web application GUIs.

With Taipy Core, Python developers efficiently manage executions of pipelines, create or compare scenarios and monitor KPIs.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Interaction with your Data Flow at your fingertips

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Our latest announcements

Breaking News – Taipy is live on BFM Business TV & Radio

Breaking News – Taipy is live on BFM Business TV & Radio

We're thrilled to announce that Vincent Gosselin has been interviewed to introduce Taipy, The next-gen Python application builder, by Vincent Touraine on BFM Business TV & Radio MEDIAS FRANCE - Objectif croissance. A not to be missed event ! 👉Thursday 28th of July...

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Taipy 1.1 Enterprise Edition

Taipy 1.1 Enterprise Edition

Dear Taipy users & community members, We are pleased to announce the release of Taipy 1.1 Enterprise Edition to complement our offering! Check out what’s new in Taipy Enterprise and the 1.1 release. You can find more information at...

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“Taipy has become our platform of choice to transform our Data & AI models into full-fledged end-user applications”

Seung Do Lee, KSTEC CEO

Taipy provides an unparallel productivity boost to our Data Science team. With it, we can build simple web apps all the way to complex AI applications.

Jesselynn Mah, Knowledge Touch CEO

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