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We provide an open-source

Python web application builder.

The library for your application’s front-end and back-end.

Up to 10x reduction in written lines of code (*)

Up to 4x reduction in Project Duration

Up to 5x reduction in Project Costs

History of Taipy

Taipy founders, Vincent Gosselin and Albert Antoine come from leading software company backgrounds, leading the development of advanced AI applications for large accounts (Samsung, TSMC, Global Foundries, Carhartt, etc.)

These applications were developed in Java, and a few years back, they wanted to switch to Python, which was fast becoming the mainstream IT language.

However, creating in Python a complete (back-end + front-end) AI-based application is still very challenging.

“Taipy was born out of frustration with the difficulty of bringing AI algorithms to the end-users.”

Vincent Gosselin

This is mostly due to three factors:

  • Data Scientists, Data Engineers, GUI developers, MLOps, and DevOps too often work in silos: bringing them together is complex. According to Gartner, more than 85% of pilots developed in Python remain pilots (they do not move to the application stage).

  • The Python eco-system lacked front-end and back-end development tools combining a fast learning curve and the power to build a full application.

  • Everyone talks about Data and Data Science Applications, with very little mention of the end-user… Business users will not just accept the output of an algorithm, however brilliant it can be.

👉They will require a customized and highly interactive interface.
👉 They will want to perform what-if analysis and scenario management.
👉 They will need to monitor business KPIs.
👉 They will also want to collaborate with other users.

🚀 This is precisely what Taipy brings to the table with its two components: 𝗧𝗮𝗶𝗽𝘆 𝗖𝗼𝗿𝗲 and 𝗧𝗮𝗶𝗽𝘆 𝗚𝗨𝗜.

Our team

A great team bringing together AI veterans and talented young developers.

We work from 7 different countries.

Vincent Gosselin

Vincent Gosselin

CEO & co-Founder

Albert Antoine

Albert Antoine

Director & co-Founder

Fabien Lelaquais

Fabien Lelaquais

Chief Technology Officer

Jean-Robin Medori

Jean-Robin Medori

Chief Product Officer

David Swafford

David Swafford

VP Global Business Development

Professor Ngo Bao Chau

Professor Ngo Bao Chau

Senior Advisor to the Board

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“Taipy has become our platform of choice to transform our data & AI models into full-fledged end-user applications”

Seung Do Lee, KSTEC CEO

"Taipy provides an unparallel productivity boost to our Data Science team. With it, we can build simple web applications all the way to complex AI applications."

Jesselynn Mah, Knowledge Touch CEO

"Taipy brings all the functionalities needed for an AI driven supply chain: Scenario Management, great UX, Predictive & Prescriptive AI, etc. And all at a fraction of the costs of alternative solutions."

Dang Huynh Uc My, Chairman TTC Sugar

“Taipy enables us to implement the best practices to succeed with the industrialization of AI apps. It saves us several years of hard learning, many resources and has decreased the deployment of our apps drastically”.

Jesselynn M., Responsible for McDonald’s HR applications

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