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The beginning

History of Taipy

Taipy founders, Vincent Gosselin and Albert Antoine, with extensive backgrounds in leading software companies (working with Samsung, TSMC, Global Foundries, Carhartt, etc.), transitioned from Java to Python a few years ago, driven by Python's increasing prominence in IT.

This challenge arises from the following.


Siloed work among all professions related to data processing.

Including Data Scientists, Data Engineers, GUI developers, MLOps, and DevOps, as reported by Gartner saying that more than 85% of pilots developed in Python remain pilots.

A lack of Python tools for both front-end and back-end development.

With a fast learning curve and robust application-building capabilities.

A focus on Data Science Applications with insufficient consideration

for end-users' needs, including customized interfaces, what-if analysis, scenario management, business KPI monitoring, and collaboration.

Taipy, as a complete platform, offers a solution to these challenges, empowering businesses with interactive, user-centric AI applications.

“Taipy was born out of frustration with the difficulty of bringing AI algorithms to the end-users.”
Vincent Gosselin
Our Team

A great team bringing together AI veterans and talented young developers.

We work from 7 different countries.
Picture of Vincent GosselinFrench flag

Vincent Gosselin

& Co-founder
Picture of Albert AntoineSingaporian flag

Albert Antoine

& Co-founder
Picture of Fabien LelaquaisFrench flag

Fabien Lelaquais

Picture of Jean-Robin MedoriFrench flag

Jean-Robin Medori

USA Flag

Desmond Delandro

Senior Advisor to the board
Picture of Pr. Ngo Bao ChauUSA Flag

Pr. Ngo Bao Chau

Senior Advisor to the board
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“Taipy enables us to implement the best practices to succeed with the industrialization of AI apps. It saves us several years of hard learning, many resources and has decreased the deployment of our apps drastically”.
Jesselynn M., Responsible for McDonald’s HR applications
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