Taipy was a Guest Speaker at EURO Practitioners’ Forum webinar.

Last Friday, Taipy was invited to participate in a webinar organized by the EURO Practitioners’ Forum. This working group aims to empower Operations Research professionals to have a greater impact on the outside world through sharing best practices.

During the webinar, V. Gosselin and F. Jacta demonstrated how Taipy empowers data scientists and Python developers to easily create great production-ready applications for end-users.

The event was well-attended, with over 30 attendees from various backgrounds, including academics, data scientists, consultants, and operational researchers. We greatly appreciated the opportunity to present and interact with the audience.

We would like to extend a big thank you to the organizers: Sofiane Oussedik, Ruth Kaufman, Adisa Mujezinović, Joaquim Gromicho, and Gavin Bell. We are grateful for the chance to have Taipy used by the European Operations Research communities.

P.S.: The recordings and details from previous webinars will soon be available.